Tube Feeder with Protector 5 Kg

Tube Feeder with Protector 5 Kg

Brand: Medion Farma Jaya


  • Reduce feed contamination by feces and rice hulls, so feed more clean and hygienic. It also can suppress the spreading of disease
  • Reduce feed waste due to scratching out by chicks, and thus improve feed efficiency (decrease feed conversion ratio/FCR)
  • Prevent competition between chicks when eating
  • Protector size is compatible with the head of adult chickens


  • Dimension of plate : Ø34 x 6,2 cm
  • Dimension of assembly : Ø34 x 33 cm
  • Feed capacity : 6,5 kg
  • Chicken feeding capacity : 30 – 60 chickens
  • Can be used on the floor or hung 

Note for TRA:

  • Feed capacity is the maximum capacity of each feeder
  • Chicken feeding capacity measured using broiler chickens, so it can accommodate more layer chickens
  • Capacity range of chickens adapted to age. The lowest number is for adult chickens, while the highest number is for younger chicks
  • Capacity of feeder is measured by weighting part of feed (using the CP 521 feed samples) for grower phase
  • Measurement is performed without compressing the feed into feeder
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