Welcome to Artha Vena International

Specialized International Distributor Veterinary Pharmacy & Poultry Equipments

Our Services

A wide range of selection for your farm needs

Biological Products

Complete range quality Medivac Vaccines for poultry, livestock and pets.

Pharmaceutical Products

Animal Pharmaceutical medicines, desinfectants and vitamin feeds.

Poultry Equipment

Farmhouse Equipments for watering, feeding, heating, ventilation and caging.


Herbal and plant based natural remedies for healthier and organic livestocks.

About our Company
Located in Singapore, our local based office is in operations at the central trading hub of Asia.
This gives us a strategic advantage
for our ongoing meetings and seminars
with our international clients and also further
our growth as an international 
channel to farmers all over the world.

Contact Us
Email: arthavena.international@arthavena.com.sg
Phone: +65 8413 0325
Address: 883 North Bridge Road #09-04 Singapore 198785
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

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